Founded in 1978 on the faith and teachings of the Catholic Church, Aid for Women helps thousands of women each year in the Chicago metropolitan area who find themselves facing unexpected pregnancies. Each woman is provided with the emotional, practical and spiritual support that she needs to choose life for her unborn baby and to provide a better future for herself and her child.
Marshay with daughter
Pictured: Marshay with daughter | Photo by Dexter Malicay Media


Chicago’s abortion rate continues to be one of the highest in our nation with one out of four pregnancies ending in abortion.

According to the latest statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), approximately 23,200 babies are aborted in the Chicago metropolitan area each year. That’s 446 babies each week or 64 babies each day killed by abortion in our community.

Aid for Women’s pregnancy centers are on the front line of the abortion battle — from our Downtown center at “ground zero” in the Chicago Loop, to our satellite centers in suburban Cicero, Wheeling, Edgewater, Flossmoor and Waukegan. The breadth of our presence and the scope of our services give Aid for Women the unique opportunity to reach more at-risk women than any other life-affirming pregnancy help organization in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Our staff, volunteers and donors remain undaunted by the growth of the abortion industry in Illinois. We are committed to expanding our work in Chicago to reach more women than ever before with alternatives to abortion, and with the real help necessary to enable them to choose life. We know that it is critical for Aid for Women to remain open to serve as a safe, life-saving refuge for women and their unborn babies.

Aid for Women expresses deepest gratitude to our donors and volunteers for your continued prayers and generous support. Without you, we would not have the needed resources to serve the women who come to us for help during these most challenging of times.

“Where can I get a free abortion?”
“Do you offer the abortion pill?”
“My parents will kick me out if I have this baby.”
“I can’t afford to have a baby.”
“I’m in college. I can’t have this baby.”
“I’m already overwhelmed with the children I have.”

The women who come to Aid for Women for help are the inner-city teenager, the married and college-educated woman in her thirties, and every woman in between. The road that leads them to Aid for Women is a difficult one, and they face a tough journey ahead. These young abortion-vulnerable women live in a society that has failed to protect them and the life in their womb.

Founded in 1978 by Deacon Thomas Bresler (pictured above)
Founded in 1978 by Deacon Thomas Bresler (pictured above)


Since 1978, Aid for Women has helped thousands of women each year in the Chicago metropolitan area who find themselves facing unexpected pregnancies, and currently operates five Pregnancy Care Centers, as well as two Maternity Homes (Heather’s House and Monica’s House).

Aid for Women understands that every woman’s situation is different and provides a confidential and comfortable place for our clients to meet with our medical staff and advocates to discuss her unique needs and situation.

In 1973, abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy became legal in the United States after the historic Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court.

Thomas Bresler, a newly ordained deacon at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Deerfield, Illinois, found his new mission after seeing the outcome of the Roe decision, and in 1977, met with a small but eager group in his living room.

On October 6, 1978, Deacon Bresler along with Nancy Corbett, Penny Crowley, Mary Kraychy, and Mona Lukas, opened Aid for Women, a pregnancy help center in suburban Deerfield, Illinois, to serve the needs of women in the area and offer alternatives to abortion.

In 1981, a second location was opened at 8 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s downtown Loop to confront the number of abortion facilities opening throughout the city.

Today, with a total of five pregnancy care centers and two maternity homes, Aid for Women continues our founder’s legacy by providing compassionate care and practical support to thousands of women who are facing unexpected pregnancies each year.

Sharing our history would not be complete without noting those individuals who have generously offered their time, talent and treasure for the past forty years to support and sustain Aid for Women’s mission of serving God by promoting and defending human life. We are deeply grateful to our pregnancy care center and maternity home volunteers, Vitae Corps members, Board members, Auxiliary members, Junior Board members, event volunteers, community partners and the thousands of individuals and parishes who have given their financial support.

Above all, Aid for Women acknowledges the guiding presence of the Lord, who has been with us from our simple beginnings in the Breslers’ living room. With His loving hand leading us, we will continue to maintain our strong pro-life presence in the Chicago area so that women will always know that they can find the help, guidance and unconditional love they need at Aid for Women.

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