Na'Taija's Story

Na’Taija had an appointment scheduled at Planned Parenthood and was escorted over to Aid for Women’s Flossmoor location by a sidewalk counselor. Without family support, recently losing her job, and four little ones at home, she was undecided about her pregnancy. After visiting Aid for Women and working with an advocate, she decided to keep her child.

Na’Taija went on to participate in the BrightCourse program where she learned new skills to care for herself and her child, and joined the Aid for Women Mom’s Support Group. There, she found a community of like-minded moms to surround herself with and to lean on. She gave birth to healthy baby boy, KaMari, and continues to parent all five of her children with grace. “I absolutely love this place. God sent me here for a reason. Very welcoming, very open, very understanding, very helpful... just overall outstanding. If I could give ten stars I would. My advocate really listened to me and cared about my feelings. This place provides so much support and genuine care.”


Crystal's Story

When Crystal visited Aid for Women's Chicago Loop center, she was six months pregnant and homeless. She knew she would not be able to raise her baby under her current circumstances and made the decision of adoption. Crystal was invited to live at Heather's House, one of our Maternity Homes, where she learned many life skills and was tutored in Math in preparation for her GED. Crystal lived at Heather's House until her baby, a boy she named Kayden, was two months old at which time she placed him with an adoptive family. Crystal, like so many other birth mothers, made the brave and loving choice of adoption and not abortion for her unborn baby.


Ana's Story

Ana came to Heather's House at Aid for Women after finding herself in unreliable housing arrangements for the majority of her pregnancy. She decided to come back to Illinois to be closer to her family, who had originally struggled with the news of her pregnancy. She hopes to rebuild relationships and foster a more solid family foundation.

Miss Aleia Rose was born soon after Ana moved into Heather’s House, and became a light and joy to all the residents at Heather's House as well as the Aid for Women staff. Ana says the best part of being a mom is that "I get to wake up every day to this precious, beautiful baby and know that there is someone who loves me unconditionally. Nothing is more heartwarming than that." Since Aleia was born, Ana has enrolled in classes at the local community college, is pursuing a certification in Medical Billing and Coding, and has been playing softball with a regional team. When asked what she most loves about being a resident at Heather's House, Ana shared, "I never understood the phrase 'home is where the heart is' until I came to Heather’s House. The amount of love and support shown to me and my daughter on a daily basis is the reason I can call this place my home and mean it with all my heart.”


Linda's Story

When Linda walked into Aid for Women, she had an abortion scheduled at the local abortion clinic that same day. Unmarried and without insurance, she felt alone and incapable of supporting a baby. She shared that this was her first pregnancy, and the father of the baby wanted her to have an abortion, even giving her the money to do so. She was in her third year of college, pursuing her goal of becoming a veterinarian, and thought an abortion was the best option.

At Aid for Women, however, she found comfort and support. The father of the baby decided to accompany her during the ultrasound exam. As they watched their baby dance on the screen, both Linda and the father of the baby smiled with joy. After her appointment, they decided to move forward with the pregnancy and are looking forward to sharing the news with her family. Her Aid for Women Advocate continues to offer help and support along the way. At Aid for Women, we are blessed to join women like Linda on their journey of motherhood. We could not do this without your support.


Helen's Story

Helen came to Aid for Women with a friend after learning of her unexpected pregnancy. She was still a student, and she lacked insurance, prenatal care, and practical support. At that time, Helen had a five-year-old daughter whom she was caring for alone, as her husband had not yet moved to Chicago from India. Aid for Women provided Helen with referrals to Lawndale Christian Health Center for prenatal care. After baby Rafela was born, Helen learned that her infant would need to undergo kidney surgery, and she reached out to Aid for Women to ask for prayers. Helen expressed gratitude for the support she received from Aid for Women, and she stated that she has been “enriched by all the resources” that we provided.


Miracle's Story

“While looking for someplace where I could go to confirm my pregnancy and learn more about my options, I found Aid for Women and made an appointment at their Des Plaines location. I was feeling nervous and scared, but my Client Advocate, Alane, made me feel safe and reassured me that everything would be OK. Seeing my baby on the ultrasound convinced me that abortion was not the option for me, and I became excited and eager to learn more about my baby. Alane guided me in starting my prenatal medical care. It’s been hard but having the right support has been very helpful. Reyna is now two months old, and I am looking forward to getting back on track with work and school. My hope is to provide my baby with a life full of love and happiness.”