Meriane's Story
"When I arrived to Mexico, I had my first ultrasound. It would be common to think about abortion. But, for me, it was very comforting to think it was a new life, it is God's blessing, and I'm going to welcome this blessing with all of my love." - Meriane

Madi's Story
"I made an appointment as soon as I could. That was the moment everything changed. I went from feeling absolute dread and confusion, to being a bit more at peace after sharing my situation and gaining more support than I ever thought I would. My Advocate was absolutely instrumental in my decision-making process. Rather than thinking about all the ways my life would change for the worst, she helped me realize my life wasn’t ending.  It was just shifting into a wonderful new chapter." - Madi

Gina's Story
"My whole entire life was about to change. I thought that it was going to end, but it turns out that change was exactly what God wanted." - Gina

Ayah - Abortion Pill Reversal
Saving lives through abortion pill reversal! As the abortion industry continues to make the abortion pill more and more accessible to vulnerable young women, Aid for Women continues to provide hope and a second chance for life to pregnant women and their babies.....Like Ayah and her daughter!

Rayanna's Story
Rayanna was 18 years old and found herself alone and homeless because of an unexpected pregnancy. She considered abortion. Rayanna shares her story of her change of heart and journey of motherhood with her daughter Sophie.

Kaila | March for Life Chicago 2018
Aid for Women client Kaila speaks before thousands at March for Life Chicago on January 14, 2018 - sharing her journey of being homeless and pregnant to her life now as a college-graduate, working mother.

Kristin's Story
Kristin was feeling alone in her pregnancy decision. Those around her were pressuring her to have an abortion...and then she found Aid for Women. Kristin moved into Heather's House, one of Aid for Women's residential programs, where she received the emotional, practical and spiritual support she needed during her pregnancy.

Janessa's Story
Janessa shares the story of her unexpected pregnancy, the help she received at Aid for Women and her journey of motherhood.


The Light Shines in the Darkness 2021
Aid for Women’s pregnancy centers are on the front line of the abortion battle — from our Downtown center at “ground zero” in the Chicago Loop to our satellite centers in suburban Cicero, Wheeling, Flossmoor and Waukegan. Our staff, volunteers and donors remain undaunted in the face of evil. We are committed to expanding our work in Chicago to reach more women than ever before with alternatives to abortion and with the real help necessary to enable them to choose life. We know that it is critical for Aid for Women to remain open to serve as a safe, life-saving refuge for women and their unborn babies. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:5

Our Life-Saving Work
This film is dedicated to the thousands of women and babies whom Aid for Women serves every year. Special thanks to our clients and Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, for participating in our film.

Dr. Alveda King
Aid for Women is deeply grateful to Dr. Alveda King for her dedication to pro-life work and for her support of Aid for Women.

A Promise for Life
As Aid for Women celebrates thirty-five years of life-saving work, we recommit to ensure that this vital work continues for many years to come, and that we continue to provide the very best services to women in difficult and unplanned pregnancy situations and their children. Each year, Aid for Women helps thousands of women through our crisis hotline, our counseling centers and our residential program. Now, we feel called to do more to help those in need of our compassionate help. Our goal is to raise one million dollars for an expansion of our crisis counseling and our residential services and to grow our endowment fund.