Ahjanique’s Story

Ahjanique had just moved back to Illinois after being away for ten years. Unemployed and with no family support, she had to start over with three children and considered herself a “lost cause”.

Soon after moving, Ahjanique found out she was pregnant.  She came to Aid for Women’s Flossmoor Center, feeling scared and looking for support. She was not sure she wanted to take on the responsibility of another child, and the mounting pressure made her feel helpless and depressed.

She met with several staff members at our center, who listened to her concerns and provided a pregnancy test and ultrasound exam.  

Ahjanique started the BrightCourse Program which allowed her to earn points while she learned about resources, parenting tips, and support. Once she completed the full curriculum of her studies in our program, she was able to redeem her points for a car seat and stroller, allowing her to keep her baby safe and secure when on the go. 

Today, she is 35 weeks pregnant.  Ahjanique said, “They assured me that ‘The Time is Now.’ I was given a great battle, and I didn’t have to fight it alone thanks to Aid for Women.

Pictured: Ahjanique, her son, and her travel system earned through the Aid for Women’s BrightCourse program.